Elba Island – 2021

We have created an intergenerational and multicultural theatrical and scenographic workshop focused on the figure of Giufà and on the themes of narration, the meeting of the other, travel, and migration. Giufà’s stories, as we know, are recognizable because the protagonist always uses his naïve logic to beat the clever ones, or to explain the wonders of nature.
Here is the site of the Elba Del Vicino.

Working with the children and young people of Elba del Vicino has allowed us to meet a new reality, that of the Island of Elba. Francesco participated in the call for artists bringing Giufà and including Laura Fatini (director supervision), Pierangelo Margheriti (actor) and Zeno Cesarini (actor and peer check indicator) in the candidacy of the Nuova Accademia degli Arrischianti.