Korçë 2022

Andon Zako Çajupi theatre in Korça

Në këpucët e Nastradinit

Thanks to the cultural mediator Redi Asabella, the collaboration with the Andon Zako Çajupi theater company of Korça and the aspiring actors of the Albanian town began, culminating in July with the itinerant play through the streets of the historic center.

Five meetings: one preparatory, three workshops and one to go on stage, for what has become to all intents and purposes a new home for Giufà.

Nastradin, as it is called in Albania, went on stage with actors of various ages along the streets of the oldest part of Korça, trying to enhance, as always, the beauty and the less visible and less known stories.

Below you can find the links to the videos of local televisions that talk about us:
– Artistë italianë e shqiptarë luajnë shfaqje në rrugë për herë të parë (Euronews Alb) 
– Teatri i rrugës, regjisorja italiane sjell ‘’këpucët e Nastradinit’’ në Korçë (A2 CNN)

Këtu (alb) e Qui (ita)  the links for the podcast recorded in the local high-schools.

Laura during the first workshop in Korçë with the aspiring actors.