Korçë 2022

Andon Zako Çajupi Theatre in Korçë

For 2022 (spring-summer) we worked on a collaboration between the Andon Zako Çajupi Theater in Korçë and the Giufà project in order to give birth to a traveling show that unites professional actors with the community of the city. The Giufà Project proposes itself, in every place where it is hosted, to put together different aspects of the same place (sociality, environment, culture, hospitality, and multiculturalism) to give life to a common and shared project.


The Giufà Project (thegiufaproject.com) is a “box” of artistic creations of various kinds (storytelling, music, visual arts, and physical, social and community theater), of multicultural experiences and inclusive theatrical pedagogy that exploits Giufà‘s stories: a character-bridge between various Mediterranean cultures.
One of the many names of the character is Nastradini. This is the name Albanians link to the stories of the folkloristic tradition. As always he is a symbol of those who travel to seek freedom, certainly carrying their stories in their pockets, plus of irony, equality, etc.

The Giufà Project has already reached many realities by organizing shows and workshops in collaboration with associations and theater and music companies in Italy, Portugal, England, Belgium while working at the same time with activities in the social inclusion field with children, refugees, people with disabilities, etc. but also in more classically performative terms. This time is the turn of Albania to influence and make grow the bag that Giufà will carry next time!

Laura during the first meeting in Korçë with the youth theatre group.