2017 – TCFT – IT,UK

The Complete Freedom of Truth – Sarteano, Brighton, Glyndebourne


In April, a big party of Europe happily invades the tiny Tuscan village, which responds with enthusiasm and participation.
Laura Fatini and Sara Ross meet again, they talk about Giufà again, but in the meantime they have a lot of things to do, so… Giufà stays there and watches, he knows that time is always on his side. 

In the final performance, he is standing in front of everyone, without a face and all dressed in white, to guide the public through the streets of the hamlet amidst songs, music, poetry, clowns, parkour performances. Everyone follows his steps, even if they don’t know yet! 

Brighton and Glyndebourne

In November the Giufà Project was born: Laura Fatini, Sarah Ross, Tina Ellen Lee, Chris Stones, Darren Abrahams, Rober Golden, and Ludovico Cosner meet in Brighton to give life to the project. At the meetings they mix dinners full of laughter and the vision of the opera “Belongings” from Glyndebourne Youth Opera.